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Mantra Hotel & Apartments, Parramatta

140 room Hotel with 94 Serviced Apartment and public areas

  • Location Parramatta, New South Wales
  • Client na & Pacific International Hotels

This was another property developed to open for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Parramatta is the closest major centre to the Olympics site, and it is also the geographical centre of Sydney.

Our task was to create a property that would satisfy the specific requirements for the Olympics market as well as the long term market for the site. From this came the concept of the intergrated hotel, serviced apartment and major Function Centre idea. Developed as a podium with a hotel tower and apartment tower over we were also able to capitalise on the significant views available from the site.

A significant initial hurdle for the project was to convince Council of the strata hotel concept. Many authorities at the time were concerned that such properties being strata titled would become residential buildings which were not permitted in a commercial zone. PTI successfully oversaw the presentation of the case to Council utilising a range of experts in this particular project type.

The property was completed within very tight budgetary constraints and by a newly established building and development syndicate. It went on to be chosen as the base for the American Basketball Dream Team over the period of the Sydney Olympics.

The property is now well established in the market and continues to operate successfully.

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  • Location Parramatta, New South Wales
  • Client na & Pacific International Hotels

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